Now I was really excited to post photos for this post, because I know that there are many people back home who are interested in the status of Lord’s House of Hope orphanage in Waithaka. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back later and get some images uploaded in order to show you how wonderful everything is looking.
First of all, the land is just superb! Joe has told me all about it and I’ve seen photos but until I didn’t fully appreciate its beauty until I was actually standing on it. The big trees and green hills are a far cry from Kibera or the IDP camps around Nakuru. What a wonderful environment in which to raise 40 kids!
The construction is really moving along and both Irene and I were thrilled to see how much has been done. I was able to walk out on the roof of the first floor and to really take it all in. The six men working on the project, employed from the Pipeline IDP camp, have been working extremely hard and were proud to show off what they’ve accomplished. It was such a wonderful moment – standing on the roof of the orphanage and looking out over all of the beautiful land on one side and the buildings that are beginning to take shape on the other. (Joe, I tried to call you to let you share in the moment but I got your voice mail.)
I’ve talked to Irene and we are going to organize a couple of days in the next couple of weeks for my friends from Chicago (and other volunteers if they’re interested) to come and help with the manual labor. I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty (or dirtier, seeing as no hands that spend their days in Kibera can be considered clean) and leaving my mark on the building.
To Judy, Karen, Joe, David and all others who have given of themselves to this project: well done! I know that if you could see it now, it would leave a huge smile on your faces!