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We hope this letter finds each of you well and attentive to your many blessings.  It has been just one month since a group has returned from their trip to Kenya but we have not stopped planning for and thinking about the children and staff at the Lord’s House of Hope orphanage in Nairobi. As you recall, this orphanage has been built due, in a large part, to the dedication and love of our friend and Seymour, WI native, Judy Wilson.  In four short years this has gone from an “idea” to an actual home for 35 children, 5 staff, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and LOTS OF LOVE!

Tim Majewski, from Green Bay, recently visited the Lord’s House of Hope in Kenya.  He writes, “Spending time in Kenya helps one to truly appreciate the many things we take for granted. I especially missed being able to go to the frig and eat WHATEVER I wanted WHENEVER I wanted. Nothing against ugali (yuck!) but I know all of us would love to see the kids have opportunities to eat more fruits and vegetables. We’d also like to see the orphanage become more self-sustaining.”

He continues, “the neighbor next to the LHOH, grows bananas, mangos, avocados, corn, and more. We can do the same by buying the land next to the orphanage and growing food (and adding a cow eventually?). Peter, who owns the land and who sold the original orphanage property, is willing to sell 4 parcels of land, one at a time if necessary, for approximately 16k each parcel.”

A challenge was posed… Let’s BUY that 1st parcel of land and start growing some food!

So the Sweet 16 Challenge was created.  In the spirit of the NCAA March Madness basketball tourney, there are 16 slots to CLAIM in the LHOH “Sweet 16”—Sixteen individuals or groups who are willing to raise 1k. We have claimed one of those slots.

So now we pose the challenge to YOU!!

We are seeking your financial contributions to help us meet the  $1000 challenge.  Send $25, send $50, send $100, or more…send what you can…..These tax deductable donations will add up!!  Send us an email or give us a call indicating the amount you are willing to pledge…then drop it in the mail.  We’d love to have pledges before March Madness ends on April 8th!

Pass this on to a friend, coworker, relative, church group or other organization.  Every bit helps.  Perhaps you want to take the challenge yourself and raise/donate 1k?

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